• the journey of congenital heart disease

    so a couple weeks back, i had a great trip to detroit, minus a serious heart incident. if you know me or you've been reading for a while, you'd know that i have congenital heart disease. This means I was born with structural heart defects including valve problems and something called sick sinus syndrome, which is dsyfunction of the small group of cells that create your heart rythym.

    the incidencent in detroit was again aflutter with a heart rate of >200, but also included ventricular fibrillation, which is quite dangerous. so in the time i've been back, i've had several appointments with Arizona Arrythmia Consultants, and they would like to try another cardiac ablation on wednesday. this will be heart procedure #7 for me. the odds for success aren't great, given a 60% chance it'll work, and i'm told if successful it won't be a permanent fix. but they want to try one more time before going another route and i've decided i just need to put my trust in the doctor. the ablation will be done by dr patibandla, an excellent doctor with many years of experience at mayo. asking for your prayers and meditations 1) for strength & love for my family for having to deal with constant worries. 2) for dr patibandla, and that this time this will work so i can get back to fully focusing on art-making, reading, wandering, and all the other things that make this life wonderful.

    i made this print while in art school, perhaps around 1988. it's etching, aquatint, chine colle, and extremely large for a print, I think around 50" x 42".

  • little by little at art intersection

    i had one of those "good for your soul" days. the weather has finally cooled down a bit in arizona, so i drove up to east valley (the suburbs on the east side of phoenix). i took the back roads both ways. hwys 79/89 from tucson to florence has always been a special drive for me, one of those clearing the mind and centering experiences.

    pusch ridge from hwy 79 near oro valley

    i saw the "little by little" exhibit at art intersection gallery in old town gilbert. i'd missed the opening since i was in detroit. a solid show, this space always surprises me. it's a nice large gallery in a historic building and they put on lovely, thought-provoking, creative shows, and their installs are beautiful. this particular show was juried by julie sasse, the chief curator at the tucson museum of art. so many good works by strong artists.

    my work at art intersection's "little by little" show. my piece is in the center here, to the right of the sign. it's from the 11,842 lakes series and is watercolor, embroidery, and water from Lake Superior on paper.

    the exhibit at art intersection runs through dec. 2 i also have two pieces right now at the drawing studio in tucson, and that exhibit runs through nov. 30.

    i also met a friend for lunch, and we spluged on some great food at postino, right across from art intersection in old town gilbert. it was a well-needed good day.

  • the beautiful revitalization of detroit

    so... i unexpectedly made a last minute trip to detroit; i got a full scholarshop to the women's march convention. very thankful for this opportunity. i decided to go a day early and explore detroit's art scene. i stayed at the reasonable and beautifully restored el moore lodge, in the cass corridor neighborhood - walking distance to the detroit institute of arts and also to many galleries. i met up with my artist friend bhavani devi and had a throughly enjoyable day. impressed with the renovation and revitilization happening in many parts of detroit. then i took off for downtown and the women's convention. sadly missed parts of the convention due to an expected health problem, but overall wonderful experience.

    here's me and bhavani at the detroit industry murals by diego rivera at  DIA. i've always wanted to see this. completely amazing in person. also enjoyed a special matisse show, the permanent collection including van goghs and cezannes, and some really interesting and fabulous contemporary art at the local galleries including n'namdi center for contemporary art, the museum of contemporary art detroit, and simone desousa gallery. quite the vibrant scene.

  • exhibit announcement: little by little

    image below supplied by Art Intersection for the announcement of "little by little." grateful to be included in this exhibit with an impressive list of artists. art intersection is in gilbert, ariz (metro Phoenix). this exhibition runs: october 24 - december 2, 2017. artists' reception: saturday, october 28, 6 - 8pm. hope to see you there.

    more info on the "Little by Little" exhibit here

    facebook invitation here.

  • all hail goddess athena!

    total side track: i just finished and delivered this painting for an animal companion day of the dead show.opening reception is a week from saturday, oct 7th, in tucson at arte de la vida, 37 n tucson blvd, 6-8 pm. at times i thought i was nuts working on this, but in the end it was a good experience as i still miss little athena and this was a way for me to work through some kitty grief. such a princess/goddess. this is a small detail from the 40" x  30" acrylic painting. her ancient greece style laurel of gold leaves is my favorite part of the painting. to see the whole thing you'll just have to go to galeria senita at arte de la vida!

    and now, back to my regular work. many projects already in-progress and new ideas swirling.

  • settling in

    life has calmed down considerably, and i'm enjoying scheduled time in the new painting studio. i don't have any solos or 2-3 person exhibits scheduled for this season, but that's ok. last season was busy, so i'm gonna appreciate the focused work time, and maybe have the energy/health to pursue new opportunities. already starting to schedule smaller things. this tiny piece (below) was just accepted into the "little by little" show at art intersection in the phoenix area in october. i have the next 3 group shows posted on the website on the news page.

    "untitled from 11,842 lakes series," watercolor, embroidery floss, and water from lake superior on paper, 5" x 3"

  • recuerdos de mascotas

    sometimes i need to take a break from my regular work, to enjoy where i am and the rich culture of the old pueblo (tucson). i'm going to be in this show. i lost my beloved siamese, athena, in april due to kidney disease. i miss her much but we had 12 good years together and she had a good life. i just started work on the painting that i'm doing of her for this show. on the same note, i did get a new cat last week, his name is finnegan and i just finished a painting of him. he's the perfect studio cat and a big sweetheart. will have to post a photo here of him soon. i do have several on my instagram account already.

    please mark your calendars for the opening reception on oct. 7.

  • the river is everywhere

    "'have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?' that the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future."

    -herman hesse, siddhartha