• whew! time for a short break

    this time of year in arizona is always busy. all the events happen and cities are hopping before it gets too hot. i finished the last of the work that i started in grand marais last summer. if i can get even close to that much work done again this summer i'll be thrilled. it was wonderful because i had a good start on three different projects, so it left me lots to work on. this is the last of the fog at naniboujou series for a little bit. going to enjoy a short break and also try to get some household and life stuff done. and get out and enjoy the remaining art season.

    oh, almost forgot some good art news. i'm doing a solo show at rancho linda vista in oracle, ariz., in january 2019. already looking forward to it. please mark your calendars. also, i'll be the featured artist in desert life magazine in may. it's a magazine delivered to all households in north tucson and the foothills, and they normally do a nice 4 page spread. cheers!

    fog at naniboujou #6, acylic and water from Lake Superior on paper, 16" x 16"

  • foggy morning at naniboujou

    finishing up some paintings & added a new section for them on the gallery pages. i'll be posting more here as i finish them. i've always said that i can only do very small or large paintings, nothing in-between. i've agonized over these for a long time, but i love them now, so i guess i've overcome the size issue. this one is done; it's acrylic and water from lake superior on paper, 16" x 16". no title yet, but i can say that a foggy morning at naniboujou is not an experience that leaves the memory quickly.

  • Solo show booked for next January

    I haven't done a solo show for awhile due to health reasons. But I'm super excited that I'm doing one next January. It's early, but please mark your calendars for the opening reception on Jan. 6, 2019. The exhibit will be at the historic Rancho Linda Vista Gallery (RLV), in Oracle, Ariz.

  • "gichi-gami (great sea)" finished

    i started this piece last summer while at grand marais art colony. gichi-gami is the name of lake superior in ojibwei, and the name that locals use. i really liked the piece, but it wasn't done. it took me 8 months to figure out all it needed was some more intensity in pigment and bringing back out some light areas. sometimes things are best left uncomplicated. this is earth-based mineral watercolors and water from Lake Superior on paper. first shot is the full diptych, second shot is a detail image. total size unframed is 44" x 65".

  • Arizona art season in full swing

    Due to the extreme heat in the desert Southwest, here in Arizona our art season generally runs Sept through May. The busiest months are Jan, Feb and Mar. Our galleries literally shut down or have shortened hours during the summer.

    The opening at Roche Diagnostic went well. Here's a photo of my new "Found" series installed there. The show is up until mid-April, access to the gallery is through Southern Arizona Arts Guild.

    Found #1-#3,objects found along the shores of Lake Superior, latex, and mixed media on birch panel

    I've gotten a few more invites for upcoming group exhibits. The National Collage Society is presenting an exhibit called "Tucson Collage Artists," at a new gallery, Artful Space, in Oro Valley, Ariz. I'm going to show a progression of my lighthouses collages spanning from 2008 to today. It should be a strong show, Tucson has some great collage artists and I love the work of the other artists being included. Thanks to the President of the National Collage Society for putting this together. The reception is Mar 8, from 5-7 pm.

    Paperworks, The Sonoran Collective for Paper and Book Artists is planning another exhibit in April. I plan to exhibit my journal and two handmade books (The Black Lake Series) for this show. The exhibit will be at Nanini Library in Tucson. Show runs Apr 5-29.

    I've also been busy supporting the arts. Last week I went to an alumni gathering in Scottsdale for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Fun evening with wonderful hosts in their beautiful contemporary home filled with the art. Also busy getting out to support as many fellow artists as possible as they open exhibits in Phoenix, Oracle and Tucson. There's some wonderful artwork out there right now!

  • exhibit opening at roche diagnostics

    i'm back to busy in the studio and have a lot going on. i've intentionally scheduled less this season in terms of solo or 2/3 person shows because i feel like my work is changing and evolving and i want to focus on exploring that instead of all the busy-work and stress that goes with shows.

    i'm still working on several unfinished projects that i started in grand marais last summer. i've also started some new ideas with both installations and mixed media work. much still in progress, but i've posted some of the new mixed media work on the gallery pages. all of these utilize objects found on the shores of lake superior.

    i am showing three of these new pieces in a group show that opens this thursday at roche diagnositics's community gallery. the reception is 5-7 pm.  roche is formerly ventana medical systems at 1910 e innovation park dr, oro valley, az. the exhibit runs thru 4/10/18. if you can't make the opening reception, you can still see the show through 4/10. find more info on gallery access via SAAG

    here's the postcard for the show. hope to see you there!

  • installation at modified arts, phoenix

    here's a few shots of the installation at the "flat rate" exhibit at modified arts in phoenix. the show runs through jan. 13. total installation size is 30" x 20", watercolor and mixed media on paper. title, "confluence #1." this is the first in a series about river confluences.

    photo by constance mcbride

  • health update & flat rate box opening at modified arts

    the procedure for ongoing congenital sinus node dysfunction (a form of heart disease), didn't go as planned, once the dr got into my heart, she realized an ablation wouldn't work. the chambers were larger than appeared on my last echo, there was a lot of scaring, and there was chaotic rhythm coming from many different places. so she ended up doing a different type of ablation called an AV node ablation. this essentially permanently burns off the pathway for the heartbeat, making me 100% pacemaker dependent. this is the last option in treatment, but unfortunately necessary at this point. i'm recovering well, and almost back to own version of normal minus some fatigue.

    the weird thing is that the heartbeat still "quivers" but doesn't travel, so she predicts i'll soon be in permanent arrythmia. so it doesn't fix anything, except that my heart rate can no longer go too fast. she said there's a good chance this will be sympomatic for life, perhaps not, it's hard to tell. so just trying to get my head in the right place with all this and will see how this all plays out. they will continue to watch for any more v-fib, in which case i'll need a defibrillator. also i need some changes to my pacemaker... not happy about that since i've only had it a year and a half and not looking forward to another procedure. no timeline on that yet, but need at minimum one more lead placed and perhaps the unit swapped out.

    on a brighter note, i'm participating in the exhibit, "flat rate box," at modified arts in phoenix. looks like it'll be a good show, some wonderful phoenix artists are participating. the idea behind the show, is that the artist create work that exceed the box. i liked the idea and created a wall installation. hope to get a shot of the installation soon.

    the show opens tomorrow, but i'm not quite up to a big opening downtown yet. i plan to stop by there several times in the next month as i have some follow-up surgery appts in phoenix. so if you're interested in meeting me on roosevelt row, let me know. i also hope to make the first friday reception on jan 5.

  • the journey of congenital heart disease

    so a couple weeks back, i had a great trip to detroit, minus a serious heart incident. if you know me or you've been reading for a while, you'd know that i have congenital heart disease. This means I was born with structural heart defects including valve problems and something called sick sinus syndrome, which is dsyfunction of the small group of cells that create your heart rythym.

    the incidencent in detroit was again aflutter with a heart rate of >200, but also included ventricular fibrillation, which is quite dangerous. so in the time i've been back, i've had several appointments with Arizona Arrythmia Consultants, and they would like to try another cardiac ablation on wednesday. this will be heart procedure #7 for me. the odds for success aren't great, given a 60% chance it'll work, and i'm told if successful it won't be a permanent fix. but they want to try one more time before going another route and i've decided i just need to put my trust in the doctor. the ablation will be done by dr patibandla, an excellent doctor with many years of experience at mayo. asking for your prayers and meditations 1) for strength & love for my family for having to deal with constant worries. 2) for dr patibandla, and that this time this will work so i can get back to fully focusing on art-making, reading, wandering, and all the other things that make this life wonderful.

    i made this print while in art school, perhaps around 1988. it's etching, aquatint, chine colle, and extremely large for a print, I think around 50" x 42".

  • little by little at art intersection

    i had one of those "good for your soul" days. the weather has finally cooled down a bit in arizona, so i drove up to east valley (the suburbs on the east side of phoenix). i took the back roads both ways. hwys 79/89 from tucson to florence has always been a special drive for me, one of those clearing the mind and centering experiences.

    pusch ridge from hwy 79 near oro valley

    i saw the "little by little" exhibit at art intersection gallery in old town gilbert. i'd missed the opening since i was in detroit. a solid show, this space always surprises me. it's a nice large gallery in a historic building and they put on lovely, thought-provoking, creative shows, and their installs are beautiful. this particular show was juried by julie sasse, the chief curator at the tucson museum of art. so many good works by strong artists.

    my work at art intersection's "little by little" show. my piece is in the center here, to the right of the sign. it's from the 11,842 lakes series and is watercolor, embroidery, and water from Lake Superior on paper.

    the exhibit at art intersection runs through dec. 2 i also have two pieces right now at the drawing studio in tucson, and that exhibit runs through nov. 30.

    i also met a friend for lunch, and we spluged on some great food at postino, right across from art intersection in old town gilbert. it was a well-needed good day.